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Welcome to our page!  Thank you for your interest in stitching for one of our children.  Please feel free to browse this page to find more information about the 2012 Children.  The children in our Sign Up Children 2012 section are the children currently accepting stitchers.  Click on their name and follow the instructions from their page. 

The quilt deadline listed is when the squares need to be to received by Love Quilts.  You will find the due date for the square you signed up for on the child's webpage.  Please make a careful note of this due date.  Please allow time for mailing the square so it arrives on time.  We are thankful for all squares we receive. Any squares received after the due date will be used on a future child's quilt.

Thank you so much for stitching for Love Quilts!  Please email me if you have any questions. 

Cathy ~ Love Quilts - www.lovequilts.org

The children below in the "Our Sign Up Children" section are accepting new stitchers.  Click on the a child's name for further information on the child or to sign up to stitch for that child. Remember to look at the finished quilts too! 

We are always accepting stitchers for "any child" and the special quilts listed below.

Our Sign Up  Children For 2013!
Click on a child's name below to view their page and their sign up information.
2014 "New kids" 
Ce'de L.
THEME: Animals from the Arctic and Antarctic.. favorites are Siberian Huskies, penguins and polar bears.
DUE: 1/15
Cruz L.
THEME: Dinosaurs
DUE: 1/15
Hart L.
THEME: Monkeys/apes
DUE: 1/15
Charlotte's Kids Sign Up Themes!
Meet Charlotte


Inspirational Words
Due September1, 2013
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Monsters,Dragons & Dinosaurs - not scary
Due December 1, 2013
(Click here to view this pattern listing)

Ships & Lighthouses - for a boy - not juvenile
Due December 1, 2013
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CATS.... silly cats, real cats, any cats
Due March 1, 2014
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Our Sign Up Children
Closed Quilts 2013!
Our "Special Quilts" Children
Completed Quilts!!
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Claire W.
THEME: Angels, Flowers, or Angels with flowers (Pastel Colors)
DUE: 2/1
Davis T.
THEME: Super Heroes esp Batman (likes orange red and blue)
DUE: 2/1
Avery B.
THEME: Religious pictures with Bible verses for a 15 yr old.
DUE: 3/1
Bell M.
THEME: Hearts with pink
DUE: 3/1
Caleb P.
THEME: color theme of blue - suitable for a 5 year old boy - special interests are trains, super heros, rescue hero toys, Legos, video games and anything outdoors
DUE: 4/1
Kylee P.
THEME: Hope (words or phrases) with pink if possible. Kylee likes dolls and flowers and bugs and any animals, but all should have the word HOPE or a phrase about hope and pink in each square.......... dolls, flowers, bugs and animals are optional.
DUE: 4/1
Jacob J.
THEME: Tractors and FARM...
DUE: 5/1
Jelena Y.
THEME: Realistic Horses
DUE: 5/1
Ruthie M.
THEME: Flowers for a toddler - not realistic -- Add an inspirational word if there is not one included in the pattern
DUE: 6/1
Izayah  B.
THEME: Trains
DUE: 6/1
Kayli W.
THEME: Hearts and Jesus/God squares (color Purple)
DUE: 6/1
Madison D.
THEME: Hearts with pinks and purples
DUE: 7/1
Emmett M.
THEME: Space
DUE: 7/1
Tara K
THEME: Princesses - pink
Casey B
THEME: Butterflies
Mason M.
THEME: Endangered Younguns
Mackenzie K
THEME: Disney moviecharacters - pink
Kenedy M
THEME: Hummels
^i^ Tatyana M
THEME: Hearts - Pink
Alex S
THEME: Airplanes
Jeriah P
THEME:   CT Holiday Bears
Isabel H
THEME:   Teddybears
Emma K
THEME:   EMS Babies
Jessica S.
THEME:   animals (bright colors)-Jess loves dogs, horses, cats ....pretty much any animal.
DUE: 8/1
Avery K
THEME: race cars (esp NACSAR) 
DUE: 8/1
Karis L
THEME:   All our Yesterdays
Amy H
THEME:   Cats
Caelon A
THEME:   Cartoons
Case M
Adell W
THEME:   Princess Crowns
Caleb S
THEME: Britty Kitty
Shaye M
THEME: Fun Food
Bella M
THEME: Precious Moments
McKenzie (Izzy) S
THEME: Teddy Bears
Dylan K
THEME: Animals
Liam V
THEME: Soft Animals
Isaac C
THEME: "Cars"
Phoebe L.
THEME: Disney Characters (fabric will be pink....she loves lots of pink)Disney Movies
DUE: 9/1
Brooke K.
THEME:   angels w/inspirational sayigns or words.... colors grey and light blue
DUE: 9/1
Kaleb "Brooks" R.
THEME: superheroes especially spiderman 
DUE: 10/1
Johnny S.
THEME: real life heroes - first responders and military 
DUE: 10/1
Isabella M.
THEME: exotic birds
DUE: 10/15
Julia M.
THEME: Chickens
DUE: 10/15
Jada M
Asher W
THEME: "Cars"
Brooke R
THEME: Bearatitudes
Joji P
THEME: Huddles
Vanessa J
THEME: Princess Crowns
^i^  Kelsey G
THEME: Birds
Malachi  P
THEME: Noah and collection of animals w/ins phrases
Jordon J
THEME: Sea Babies
Korey W
THEME:Sports Logos
Nolan K
Katelyn S
Conner L
Charity M
THEME:PM animals
Kaitlyn G
Kayne W ^i^
Nolan M
THEME:Varoom vehicles
Traven A
THEME:Great Outdoors
Baylee W
THEME:Girl Figures
Harley P
THEME:Crazy Cows
Joshua C
Ryan J
Susanna H
THEME:Mary's Moos
Joseph S
Johnathon M.
Liam W.
THEME:Blue for Boys
Sophia C.
THEME:Color Pink
Addy M.
John M.
THEME: Puppies
Cheryl S
Lewie S
THEME: Duckies